Transformation starts with the Leadership Team

The senior team have decided that the organisation needs a transformation – the future depends on it.  This means that either the products and services need an overhaul or the way in which they are created or delivered does.  The challenge is that if the solution was known and certain, it would not be a transformation.  A transformation means creating something new which in turn means working outside the comfort zone.

But where does the journey start?  If you are one of the senior team, it starts with you.  If you remain in your comfort zone, so will your organisation.

My advice to the member of a senior team leading a transformation – take actions to move out of your comfort zone.  Open yourself up to new and relevant learning – reading, visits, talks etc.  Rebalance your time to create the space to learn and think – delegate the operational management (and the to-do list).  Ensure that the leadership team shares a common purpose and approach to transformation.  Let others develop the transformation proposals – review and contribute but do not say no based on your instincts for staying in your comfort zone.

Let’s be certain on one thing – transformation will only occur if the senior team leads by example.

Andrew Kearns

Hartswood Management Ltd

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