A dove is a pigeon with a good branding strategy

If someone was to ask you what you think of doves, I am sure the likely response would be beautiful, serene, pure or a symbol of peace.  How about if you were asked you about pigeons?  Perhaps the response would be ugly, dirty, a nuisance or a flying rat.  Yet these 2
apparently different animals are biologically the same species.  It turns out that the only difference is their branding strategy.

So what has the dove got right:

1. Colour – your colours need to support your brand values ie white equals pure, peaceful whereas dark grimy colours equals dirty and ugly.

2. Make sure the company you keep aligns with your brand values – pigeons hang around in the most inconvenient places making a mess.  Doves only allow themselves to be seen in the best surroundings and they don’t dive bomb your head.

3. Don’t beg – pigeons hang around chasing dirty scraps of food.  I don’t think I have ever seen a dove beg.

4. Build important associations – doves are associated with world peace whereas seeing a pigeon makes most of us want to pick up a gun.

Conclusion – the biggest branding challenge is aligning values and behaviour.

Andrew Kearns

Hartswood Management Ltd

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