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Senior Project Manager at Kantar

Since May 2018, Andrew Kearns has been operating as a Senior Project Manager, working to deliver new technologies to the BARB contract.  He is currently involved in 4 projects:

  1. The development and deployment of systems to measure the online viewing of subscription services for on-demand video (see Viewing to The Crown Season 5).
  2. The development of new systems and research panel for measuring television and digital audience measurement in a national market.
  3. The trial and implementation of a new technology for television audience measurement.
  4. Managing enhancements to the online measurement services.

Associate lecturer at Warwick University (Warwick Manufacturing Group)

Between 2011 and 2020, Andrew Kearns was a visiting lecturer in the delivery of the Business and Operations Design module which forms part of the MSc course.

Programme Office Leader in Crown Commercial Services

Between November 2016 and June 2017, Andrew Kearns was the Programme Office Leader for the Crown Marketplace Programme.  He was responsible for establishing the Programme Office for the Test Phase of the development programme implementing the programme management & governance meetings and associated reporting; establishing the programme control mechanisms including cost control, budget forecast, risk and issue management, workstream management, project initiation and reporting etc and developing the first programme plan at both a high level and in a detailed format.

Programme Consultancy for AQA

From September to November 2016, Andrew Kearns of Hartswood Management provided programme consultancy for a programme targeted at delivering replacement operational systems.  Andrew worked with the programme team to deliver an aligned approach for the digital requirements between the business team, the programme team and the third party supplier.  He also led the definition of the requirements for an Identity and Access Management Service.

Programme and Project Management for Autovista Group 

In March 2016, Andrew Kearns completed a 4-year interim assignment with Autovista Group in which he provided programme and project management capabilities.  Six significant programmes and projects were completed during the assignment:

  1. The project management of the delivery of a client web tool for providing use car values in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Romania and Portugal.  The initial development focused on the functionality required for Austria and Switzerland and the subsequent enhancement of the functionality and the roll-out to the remaining 3 countries.
  2. The delivery of a new product for automotive OEMs to analyse the sales of their used cars within the dealer networks in a given country.  In addition to the development of functionality, the work focused on delivering the full data set and analysis tools for the French market.
  3. The ongoing management of a programme for delivering data and functionality for providing used car values and analytical tools for targeted countries in Europe.
  4. The transfer of the IT services (including live customer applications) from a third party data centre in Finland to an internally managed data centre in the UK with no loss of core hours availability.
  5. The development of a new photo library service for vehicles for all group products including the delivery of tools for managing and processing the photos and the acquisition and migration of the first 800 images.
  6. The leadership of the creation of a solution architecture for the harmonised collection and production of price and specifications data in order to drive revenue with global accounts.

All projects involve the management of teams in which team members were based in different European centres.

Andrew also managed the Project Management Office and the Project Management Team.

Care Sector

During 2011 and 2012, Andrew Kearns provided IT consultancy support to a business start-up in the Care Sector.  This support included advice on resolving some current IT issues and involvement in the next stage of system development to meet an enhancement to the company’s market proposition.  A development partner was selected and detailed requirements were gathered.  The work was brought to a close when the major investor decided not to proceed with the start-up.

Collaboration with ConsultAvila

During 2010 and 2011, Andrew Kearns completed 3 assignments with ConsultAvila (  The first assignment was an Operational Review for a private equity company looking to make an acquisition in the aerospace sector.  The second assignment was an inventory programme and Operational Excellence training programme for a division of Meggitt plc.  The third assignment involved the facilitation of an organisation design activity for a division of Cobham plc.

Technology Director at JATO Dynamics

Between August 2007 and April 2010, Andrew Kearns of Hartswood Management Ltd worked as Technology Director for JATO Dynamics Ltd, the world’s leading provider of automotive business intelligence, news and data (see

As Technology Director, Andrew restructured all technology functions in to 1 directorate including the introduction of a single programme of improvement and a common approach to the management of projects / processes.  Under his leadership, major enhancements were delivered to the 2 leading products including a rewrite in .Net, the application of BITS automatic update technology and the provision of 2 new types of research data.  In addition, the IT infrastructure was modernised based on latest standards of resilience, use of virtualisation technologies, modern storage equipment and third party data centre facilities.

Inventory Reduction with JustOne Consultancy

Hartswood Management worked with JustOne Consultancy ( to deliver a multi-site inventory reduction programme for a major aerospace manufacturing company.  The JustOne client had a good track record of manufacturing improvement.  However they identified JustOne as having an approach which would assist them to deliver a major programme of inventory reduction by building on their improvement experience.  Hartswood Management worked with JustOne to develop an appropriate approach which would work in a wide variety of manufacturing sites.  In particular Hartswood Management developed an Inventory Reduction Mini Guide which describes some vital approaches and techniques for delivering the necessary improvements.

The Diploma qualification with QCDA (November 2005 to July 2007)

Hartswood Management provided project management support for the development of a solution specification for a system designed to administer the Diploma (a new qualification scheduled for first teach in September 2008).

NAA Web Tools for schools and exams centres (October 2004 to January 2006)

Project Management expertise was provided to the National Assessment Agency (NAA) in the development of two web tools used by schools and colleges to improve their exams management:

  1. Hartswood Management provided project management support to the build and implementation of a web-tool which allowed exam centres to register the access arrangements provided for candidates with particular needs.  This web-tool was developed by a third party supplier to a specification developed with 4 awarding bodies.  The implementation required actions associated with centre training, awarding body implementation as well as the hosting arrangements.  This project formed part of the NAA’s modernisation agenda which was seeking to reduce the administrative burden associated with the exams system in schools and colleges.  A subsequent enhancement enabled schools and colleges to apply on-line for modified papers for visually-impaired and hearing-impaired students for general qualifications (GCSEs and GCEs).  Exam centres were able to make one on-line application for all awarding bodies rather than using separate paper forms as at present.  The tool also allowed centres to select papers from the results of searches rather providing the details of the papers themselves which might result in errors.
  2. Hartswood Management co-ordinated the NAA input into the development of a web application which provided exam centres with the ability to develop their exam timetables on line. This tool was developed in partnership between the NAA and the 5 awarding bodies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  It was necessary for the partnership to agree both the functional requirements and the data input.   This project formed part of the NAA’s modernisation agenda which is seeking to reduce the administrative burden associated with the exams system in schools and colleges.

NAA Centre Consultation (February to May 2005)

Hartswood Management provided project management and facilitation support to the National Assessment Agency (NAA) for running a programme of consultation with exam centres in England.  The purpose of consultation was to obtain feedback on proposals for reducing the administrative burden associated with the exams system for general qualifications (GCSEs and GCEs).  During this period over 200 exams officers from schools and colleges in England were consulted.  The NAA team for the consultation consisted of facilitators, business analysts, information architects and process experts and was supported by staff from the 3 unitary awarding bodies in England.  The consultation programme consisted of 3 phases – phase 1 was used to obtain feedback on proposals developed with the awarding bodies; phase 2 involved workshops to develop more detailed proposals involving the use of wire-framing; phase 3 involved a wider consultation on these detailed proposals.  The output from the consultation programme was used to specify the business requirements for a system to modernise the administration of exams.