If change is all pull, it soon becomes a drag – Sam Keates, 2013

Many change programmes are shaped by a leader with a strong sense of direction.  The leader often articulates a solution or a future shape of the organisation and tries to pull colleagues in to the same viewpoint.  Sadly, as we know, change is a fearful experience for most people and resistance is natural.  Change by pulling will not create involvement or commitment and the leader will find that change becomes a drag.

There are 3 critical elements that will lower resistance and allow the leader to drive productive change:

  1. A shared need for change – demonstrating that the status quo is no longer adequate.
  2. A shared vision of the future – describing the future of the organization in terms of what it will achieve and deliver rather than as a solution.
  3. Opportunities for involvement – it is the individual who resists change and it is the individual who will commit to change.  Involvement allows each of us to face these decisions for ourselves.

If your change initiative is becoming a drag, take stock.  Perhaps you are pulling too hard.

Andrew Kearns

Hartswood Management Ltd

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